Ch. SS Twinkle Little Star ROM
born Jan. 5, 1997
by Ch. Katrina's Charmer of Manfred ROMX

out of  SS Manfred's Formally Attired     

Twinkle is linebred off of Macho's Cuban Bonito and
Ti-Ara's Anita of Katrina-parents of Charmer

Both Macho's Cuban Bonito and
Anita of Katrina lived to be 17 years old.  Both were
very influential
in the Havanese Breed.  We looked for
over a year and visited different breeders to find our first
Havanese that we thought worthy of breeding and were lucky
enough to find Twinkle.  Her mother was High Point
Havanese two years in a row ( including a Best in Show)
before the breed was admitted into AKC when they were
only shown in rare breed shows without professional
handlers or advertising budgets.  

The old, accepted way to start a breeding program is to find
the best linebred female you can find and then breed her
enough to see "if she produces not only healthy puppies but
outproduces herself". Twinkle has done this for generations.

She is the Foundation of "Starborn" and has brought
us great health, intelligence, and vigor.  There is an
old horse breeders adage that says to "start with a
strong back end".  Twinkle also gives our line strong
rears with great movement of which there is not an
abundance of in the breed. Watch the videos of
Twinkle and her son Posh for beautiful movement!

Producer of 7 generations of good health
in the Starborn line....Twinkle will be found on the
pedigree of all Starborn Havanese.

Twinkle celebrated her 17th birthday January 2014!!
13 1/2 years young
10 1/2 weeks
New Champion second time out (we started her
kinda late!) at 6 1/2 years old!!
I year old...going through color change
4 years and and 1
week before whelping.
Twinkle 4 to 5 months
old and starting to silver.
Twinkle at her 14th birthday!....she
gets her cake and eats it too!!!
Twinkle dancing on her 14th
She was always a
superb mother!
LInk to Twinkle's 14th Birthday
Twinkle with her 1st momma, our
daughter Hanna, then and now.....
Champion S.S. Twinkle Little Star "Twinkle"
1997 - 2014
Twinkle crossed the rainbow bridge soon
before her 18th birthday......taking a piece of
our hearts with her.....but leaving us with
wonderful memories.
16 1/2
of my heart with them, and every new dog that comes into my