In the early morning of April 25th, Savi had 3 beautiful, strong, pups.  Their
sire, Redman, definately contributed his color genes, as they are a beautiful
variety of red sables...two boys and one girl.
CH Happy PawsKing Of Hearts @ Starborn
Starborn's Nina Sabia "Savi"
Savi's pups are almost 3 weeks old.  
They are using their legs a lot more
and will be getting a litter box this
Nina - girl
Poco - boy
Fuego - boy
We are 4 weeks old now.  We've moved to an ex pen and are a lot better at getting around and
going in the litter box.  We like playing with toys and we enjoy listening to music. Mom is still our
source of food and we get really excited when she comes in the pen!
The pups are 6 weeks old now.  Almost
completely weaned, exploring new places
to play, and lots of new sounds and
music.  They are doing great with the litter
box and interacting with the adult dogs.
Savi's pups are 8 weeks old now.  They have graduated to larger obstacles and will be exploring
outside as soon as we can catch a little cooler days or evenings.  They love running around with
the adult girls and are doing great with finding the litter box when they need it. We did soaped
structure evaluations this past weekend, and they all have great structure.  Nina will be staying
here and hopefully get us closer to bringing back more of our original Twinkle and Posh line.
This is the last update on Savi's pups.  They turned 10 weeks old and will be leaving for their new
homes next week.  Nina will be staying here, so she will get a page on my website in the near
future.  This has been a fun litter and I wish their new owners all the best with their fur babies:)