Tess & Dapper Puppies 2020
Starborn Puttin On the Ritz "Dapper"
Bella Dulce Starborn Tesora "Tess"
Tess delivered her pups on her due date between 7:30 and 9:00 pm on May 27th.  This
was her first litter, but instinct kicked in and she whelped like a pro. Her delivery was
very similar to Mollys....4 pups in 1 1/2 hours.  One pup was very small but he has been
very strong from the start and doing everything that his siblings are doing.  I was
thinking about Mexican food while I was sitting with her and will use that for their
temporary names.  Introducing Nacho, Taco, Salsa, and Chili....yum!
Taco - boy
Nacho - boy
Chili - girl
Salsa - girl
Tess pups 3 1/2 weeks old
Chili - girl
Salsa -girl
Taco - boy
Nacho - boy
Tess's pups are now 5 1/2 weeks old.  They are eating solid food since Tess
decided it was time to wean them...they have teeth coming in!  They have had a few
sessions on the screened porch playing with Birdy and meeting the other adults
through the wire.  Tails have been up and wagging from their first outing....