Happy Paws King Of Hearts @ Starborn "Red"
Starborn's Nina Sabia "Savi"
Savi and Redman's pups were born exactly on her due date the night of January 3rd.  She whelped 4
beautiful and strong pups in 1 hours time! A record I think! The color combinations are striking and I look
forward to watching them change as they grow.  I will post an update when they open their eyes.
We are now 2 weeks old...fat and happy...and have just opened our eyes.  I had a great
suggestion that in anticipation of the winter Olympics I use past hosts of the games as
temporary name for Savi's pups.  Introducing....
3 1/2 weeks old below...we are learning to use the litter box and getting better on our legs!
4 1/2 weeks old.  We have moved to a new pen for the next week so we can get good at using the litter box and
piddle place. We are also ready to experiment with real food, playing with toys, and are much better on our feet now.
Our new sleepingdigs!
We are 6 weeks old today!  We are learning so many new things.  We are great at using our litter
box and pee pad, enjoying several meals a day, and are playing in a pen beside our bigger cousins
and learning a lot from them!  We also play with their mom our aunt Nike and our cousin Birdy.
We are 8 weeks old now and have had so many new adventures!  We are big enough now to have
some playtime with our bigger cousins, who have taught us new wrestling tricks and how to play tug
since we all want the same toy! Yesterday we visited a friends house and met their year old
Havanese and her yellow lab big sister! The Lab's first play bark was kind of scarey, but we learned
how gentle she is and started to play. That was exciting! We have our first vet visit this week and
then will spend the night in individual crates to prepare to go to our forever homes.