Molly Had her pups between 7:30 and 9:30 on May 21st.  It was an easy delivery and all 5 pups
were very vigorous and went to nursing immediately.  She had 3 boys and two girls, combinations of
clear gold, apricot, black with white and a black Irish pied.  For their temporary names I will use Latin
Aborway's Red Hot Tamolly @ Starborn "Molly"
Starborn Puttin On The Ritz  "Dapper"
Molly and Dapper 2020 pups
Molly's newborns
Molly pups 3 weeks
Molly pups 1 week
Samba - girl
Tango - boy
Cha-Cha - girl
Paso Doble
Rumba - boy
Molly pups 4 1/2 weeks
Cha Cha - girl
Tango - boy
Paso Doble - boy
Rumba - boy
The pups are now 6 1/2
weeks old.  They are getting
used to napping music and
know it means to settle
down.  They are enjoying
toys and playing on the
screened porch when it's not
too hot. In the mornings
before the other dogs get up,
they have enjoyed running
around loose and wrestling...
So far no accidents!  They
are also eating solid food and
really loving it.
Paso Doble