Starborn by Leaps & Bounds      "Juego"

by Posh
Starborn Black Tie Affair

out of Frolic
Starborn's Frolic & Flair
friends' Border Collies.  At 12 weeks he has earned the right to
have free run of the house.  He has never had an accident and
goes back into his expen with only the door open to use his litter
box.  He took immediately to going outside too.  You've heard of
"free stacking".  If this one is standing up, he's free stacked.
was little light left.  I thought it was
worth including anyway.
Another out of focus one but you can
see he inherited his Sire's reach and
This was the only shot where
they were all in the frame and
any good.
after doing a "down"
while Pam asked for a
Stack with Juego's first